Bringing the Sun Indoors

What many people don’t realise is that sunlight is essential to our health. It is a vital source of vitamin D, which not only promotes strong bone growth but also has an effect on your mood and production rate. Anyone who has lived in a northern country over winter will have noticed how everyone seems to get more depressed in comparison to the summer. This is simply because of a lack of sun. Added to this, most of us work indoors, often enduring long hours in a small room far away from the window. However, with new technologies on the rise, this situation is changing, and it is changing for the better.

Parans lighting system offers employers the chance to bring the sunlight to their workers. This system is a brand new technology that utilises solar panel collectors on the top of the building to capture sunlight. This light is then channelled into a series of fibre optic cables that then run throughout the building’s structure. These cables can transport sunlight for up to 100 metres while still retaining the quality of light and the necessary vitamin D attributes. In this way, the sunlight is spread to even the darkest parts of the building enabling everyone to feel the benefits of sunlight without having to step foot outside.

Of course, this system isn’t to discourage people from going outside, as this is still an important part of being healthy, but this new lighting system does bring a better quality of life to those who have a largely sedentary lifestyle. However, the use of indoor sunlight does produce a higher quality of work from happy, more engaged employees, something that can never be played down and is proving to be a highly popular outcome for all involved.

The Parans system exists in three different sizes. It is composed of a sun collector placed on the roof or an open area directly in the sunlight. The sun collector consists of lenses that concentrate and focus the light on low intrusion fiber optics. These cables are customized to direct the sunlight deep into the building, where there are no windows or natural light sources.

The light can be used up to 100 meters, about 30 floors from the building’s roof. In the rooms, the light is distributed using luminaires and other ways. Natural light is beneficial in work areas as well as homes. People work more comfortably with natural light, as backed by research. Furthermore, a lot of energy is saved using natural light during the day, and less heat is involved since UV and IR are filtered by the lenses. The Parans system can be applied in offices, healthcare institutions, and education, among other places.