Bringing the Sun Indoors

What many people don’t realise is that sunlight is essential to our health. It is a vital source of vitamin D, which not only promotes strong bone growth but also has an effect on your mood and production rate. Anyone who has lived in a northern country over winter will have noticed how everyone seems […]

Swedish Snus – Smokeless Tobacco Tailored To Your Tastes

Smokeless tobacco is becoming increasingly popular. It is seen to pose less of a health risk to consumers than traditional cigarettes, but these days it is also simply an easier way to get your nicotine fix. There are many legal restrictions on smoking cigarettes in so many places around the world that different types of […]

Impacting your Wellbeing

A good way to living a good life is through being mentally and physically stable or sound. A lack of this stability may lead to problems like depression, illness and the likes. A good way to maintain one’s mental or physical strength is through natural cures. These consist of a number of things in our […]

What is Pharmaceutical Research?

Pharmaceutical research centres on the development and testing of drugs for medical use. The researchers refine and improve on existing drugs, rendering them more effective. Their work can also focus on creating new drugs and treatments for diseases and illnesses. Examples of pharmaceutical research creating treatments include a huge range of products. Asthma inhalers, anti-depressants […]

The World’s Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies

It is no secret that the pharmaceutical industry is among the most powerful, affluent, and influential ones on Earth. As human knowledge grows exponentially in all known subjects, medicine remains a top field where return on investment is lucrative and manifold. Whether one counts rewards in millions earned or lives saved, the pharmaceutical industry has […]

Stem Cells Culturing

In simple terms, stem cells are the blocks on which the human body is built. They begin as unspecialized cells and develop into specific cells in different parts of the body; they are unique in their ability to develop in this way. These cells are also the earliest cells to develop in the human embryo […]

How placebo pills are made

Sugar pills, or better known as placebo pills in the medical world, give patients a false sense of hope as they think they will be cured. In fact, some have felt better, and doctors don’t have any explanation for this. The placebo effect After more than 40 years of research and tests on drugs, placebo […]