How placebo pills are made

Sugar pills, or better known as placebo pills in the medical world, give patients a false sense of hope as they think they will be cured. In fact, some have felt better, and doctors don’t have any explanation for this.

The placebo effect

After more than 40 years of research and tests on drugs, placebo pills gained approval by FDA. Doctors realised that placebos have a positive effect on patients who were not taking any other active drug. Sugar pills have continuously proven to have surprisingly good results for patients suffering from fatigue, weakness, and aches and pains. Although doctors cannot find an explanation with regards to why these medication-free pills provide relief from symptoms, nevertheless, they are aware of the effectiveness of placebo in treating many conditions. You can read more about the effects of placebo on this website.

Sugar pills

Placebo pills are simply made of sugar, and naturally if you take a sugar tablet, your body will react positively to it, especially if you have an insulin disorder. Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies have started producing active placebos. These are unlike the old sugar pills and contain active ingredients. However, these new placebos are not without side effects. They may cause dry mouth or even drowsiness. It is important that people don’t mix their other medication with placebo pills, especially those who suffer from sleeping disorders.

How the placebo effect works

Extensive research by scientists has focused on the connection between the mind and body. If a patient believes that a pill will cure their problem, the body’s own chemistry will cause effects that are similar to real medication. For example, in one study, participants were given placebo and told it was a stimulant. Shortly after taking the pill, their heart rate increased and their response time improved.

In rheumatism drug studies, 30 per cent of the benefit was due to the placebo effect. Patients reported how they felt better just after a few days of taking placebo pills. This phenomenon known as the placebo effect has been observed and studied in many clinical trials. 100 participants were put under the placebo therapy and more than 90 per cent of them confirmed their condition had improved for the better. Placebos can be taken as pill form or as a specific therapeutic method that is accepted by the patient. Mostly this type of therapy is based on the power of suggestion and your psychological state of mind.